Octanis - 2014

Octanis is our 2014 robot to play Aerial Assist.

Octocanum drive

10" stroke Dual pneumatic piston launcher.

3- 7/8 Banebots & 4" VEXpro Mecanums.
AM 9015 into a 12:1 Versa Planetary.

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Drivetrain Details

We are using an octocanum drivetrain this year.
4" VEXpro Mecanums at 12:72 gear ratio
4" Versa Wheels at 12:72 gear * 18:40 sprocket .
VEXpro Drive in a Day chassis.
Powered by 4xCIM and 4xMini CIM.

Here are a few pictures about the spacing and setup.

We broke a couple rollers in the process on the same wheel. We are still trying to understand what might be the failure.