Day 45 - 02/18/2014

Today was the last day of the official build season, and we put it to good use. We made a couple modifications to the RealBot, but mostly we took a lot of photographs and tried to make the PracticeBot as close to the RealBot as possible. Also we decided on the name for our Realbot, which is Octanis and the name for our PracticeBot is Mariah Carry.

Octanis: We made some alterations to Octanis today, but they were mostly small things, but we did discover a couple problems that could become really big such as one of the motors not having the right size screw inside of it. But we decided to work on those at our competition and went onto the photo shoot. Nathan and Les set up a nice little are and took pictures for a hour or two and some video and compiled it into our reveal video as shown below.

Mariah Carry: We tried to make Mariah Carry as similar as possible to Octanis. Looking at where things were positioned, how they were positioned, and if there was anything missing on either robot that should be there. We spent a decent amount of time doing this but not a lot because we can could always work on Mariah Carry after the end of build season.