Day 40 - 02/13/2014

Pneumatics Launcher: Had to do a little tweaking on our new pneumatics launcher due to the angle at which it was placed. That angle actually pushed the force below the line of action so to my best understanding it was actually trying to push the ball down which is why when we tested it today the ball would barely go perhaps 2 feet. To remedy this problem we decided to move the base attachment of the pneumatics forward because the closer you are the steeper the angle allowing for it to point above the line and actually launch the ball.

Pneumatics: A couple people made a detailed sketch of our pneumatics layout on the PracticeBot so that it could be remembered correctly and when it was done again it could be done much neater. Also there were some compressor problems that had to be resolved. And on the Realbot a switch was a added to push air from one side to another.

RealBot: There were problems with the shifting on the drivetrain. It refused to function properly, and that's a really big problem, unless we decide to just stay in mecanum drive the entire match. Also we started working on the base for the collector system, we created new plates to attach the collector to the drivetrain And we made them better than the ones in the PracticeBot, because on those the holes for the screws were so close to the top of the C channel plates that it was very hard to loosen or tighten them .