Day 35 - 02/08/2014

We painted the bumpers today and they look really nice.

Pneumatics: Saturday it seems is always a good day to do get some pneumatics work done and today was no exception. Today we were able to get the solenoid module working, the problem was at first difficult to place until the they figured out that it was a problem with the connection to the cRIO, allowing them to fix it. Also the essential part of the octocanum drivetrain, the shifting between mecanum and traction wheels, was completed, allowing the drivetrain to do what it is supposed to do. But there was a problem that was not fixed, which was the compressor, the actual problem is unknown but it will most likely be finished soon.

Programming: Today was also really nice for the programming team, they finally got the chance to test a lot of the code that they had written.

Drivetrain: Those modules are still being built, its only taking this long because there were many changes to what the modules should look like throughout the build season, but they say that all the modules should be on the RealBot by Wednesday.

RealBot Worked a bit more on getting the basic setup for the launcher on to this robot so we can attach it once we are finished perfecting it. The basic setup is just the 2 bars that attach to the drivetrain and the 2 bars that attach to the back of those bars and extend vertically. Also this morning we finished riveting the drivetrain, which actually became a pain because some of them were done wrong and had to be drilled out and redone.

PracticeBot: We put the second intake bar on the intake today. It is placed a bit higher than the actual intake bar because its main purpose is to help outtake to ball, because there are problems when trying to do that. Also we sturdied the Choo Choo so no metal or things or robots such as the PracticeBot would break.

Electrical: The PracticeBot board is basically done and the RealBot can't be made until we get some Talon motor controllers and the PracticeBot board can't be placed on the PracticeBot until all the bad motor controllers are fixed so the electrical team decided to spend their time wisely and make wires for the RealBot board. So that when we have the materials to make it, its creation will be smooth and easy.