Day 31 - 02/04/2014

Lots of things were being built today like the Choo Choo launcher system, the drivetrain modules, and the intake system.

Drivetrain: For the drivetrain we are still working on making the new modules. This would have been done before but we decided to custom make ours which is taking a while. Also because VEX sent everyone 6' rollers for the 4' mecanum wheels, those will have to be redone as well.

Choo Choo: The parts for the Choo Choo system are being built and assembled together. The Choo Choo is the way we launch the ball, it a little complicated but its basically functions as a massive catapult, that has enough power to break the robot.

Intake: When we were testing the intake system we found out that, when we have the ball there is a problem out taking it. It is still possible to out take it, but we have to use the ball's inertia, quickly moving back and forth allowing the ball to fall out of its loos hold in the robot.