Day 3 - 1/7/2014

Today we divided into our different subgroups and taught the new members, with the exception of the CAD group which was working on designing the robot. The lead of each subgroup went over some basic items necessary to being a functional and effective member. For example the Electronics head went over the different parts and how they work. After each mini meeting was done we separated into two different groups, one small group composed of the CAD members and some mentors and one big group composed of everyone else. Both were discussing the best possible drivetrain to use for Aerial Assist. In the last hour of the meeting both these groups came together and made some decisions. After some heated debate we narrowed it down to two drivetrains.
The six wheel drivetrain and the Octocanum drivetrain.
We were not able to achieve a definitive consensus on which one to use but we did come to an agreement as a team. Firstly we want to catch the ball after it is thrown over the truss because all the good and average teams will be able to toss and move the ball meaning that the only thing that will set us apart will be catching. Because we decided to first prototype the six wheel design and see if it can catch, if it can we will be using the six wheel drivetrain. If it can't we will try and do the Octocanum and if seems that we can't we will simply switch back to six wheel and just not catch. This decision of which drivetrain to use will be made Thursday because we need to get working as soon as possible.