2011 FRC Robot

Designed to pick up plastic inner tubes and score on posts.

(See game overview for more details.)

2010 FRC Robot - "DISCO SCREEN"

"Disco Screen" is designed to dribble a soccer ball by way of wheeled spinners and kick the ball into a small trashcan sized corner goal.

(See game overview for more details.)


"Disco Ballulator" is designed to collect game pieces (orbit balls) by way of rollers into its bin, and shoot the balls through a dual shooter.

(See game overview for more details.)

2008 FRC Robot - "AF ROBOT"

"Af Robot" was the DiscoBot's rookie year robot for the 2008 FIRST Robotics Competition. "Af Robot" was designed to run around the track with a telescoping lift to get the 40" ball on the over pass.