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Discobots Team 2014

Building the Discobots Image and Media

Sairahul Adharapurapu
Ujwala Bhagavatula
Mason Cole
Max Dietrich
Veronica Stuckey
Karl Ehlers
Reagan Foxley
Henry Hoang
Quinn Khosla
Jongmin Kim
Nick Leeson
Jared Lehmann
Christine Lin
Sam McConnell
Nadia McCutcheon
Andrew Nagal
Daniel Nikoltchev
Felicia Oentoro
Rebecca Ortega
Erik Ostlind
Paula Potempa
Abhishek Prajapati
Patrick Magnum Revilla
Nolan Shah
Jeremy Singleton
Matthew So
Charles Stewart
Silas Strawn
Tori Tavormina
Seth Taylor
Tom Zhang

Additional Team Members

Franz Brotzen-Smith

Jade Crockem

Peter Dulworth

Bryan Flores

Jared Jackson

Brad Milan

Christian Molina

Shomik Sen

Cedric Shy

Cyrus Shy

Lorcan Smith

Dylan Vener

Team Organization

Media Team

Media team is responsible for promoting the team and the FIRST organization to the public and other robotics team through the website, videos and pictures. They build this website from scratch including writing all the content and designing the "look" of the site. They produce videos and photos during our build season.

Drivetrain Team

The drivetrain team is responsible for the movement of the robot. This includes designing, assembling and building a fast and powerful drivetrain which will be the foundation of the robot.

Electronics Team

The Electronics team also develops the electronics and designs the operator interface.

Upper Body Team

Upper Body team is responsible for the functionality of the robot. The goal of upper body team is to design a structure of robot to accomplish the goal of game.

Prototyping Team

This team prototypes designs and sees if ideas are feasible and can actually be accomplished.


This team sis basically the brain of the robot, they are the ones that make the robot move and do all the things that are necessary.

CAD Team

This team designs the robot, from the drivetrain to the upper body.

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